About Online Teaching Degrees

Online Teaching Degrees

Convenient, affordable and embracing the same high standards of traditional higher learning institutions, an online education school for teaching degrees provides students with the ability to earn a degree or obtain a higher degree in order to broaden employment opportunities and increase wages. Because the cost of attending a “brick and mortar” university not only includes tuition but also gas, vehicle upkeep expenses and the stress of trying to juggle work hours with schedule class times, many people are turning to accredited online schools for degrees in hundreds of career fields.

Learning English as a Second Language at an Online School

online teacherNearly 400 million people speak English today, either as their native language or as their second language. For those wishing to work in an English-speaking country, learning the language will be necessary to communicate and interact successfully with co-workers and managers. The inability to get your ideas across to your boss and fellow employees can potentially hinder your chance to advance in your job and increase your earnings. Enrolling in an online education school that provides detailed, useful instructions in the English language by professional language teachers can assist you in accomplishing your life goals.

Earn a Teaching Degree

Obtaining a bachelor of science or master’s degree in teaching allows students to pursue a teaching career in a variety of educational institutions. Most elementary, middle and high schools require teachers have a master’s degree or be in the process of receiving their master’s degree in order to teach. However, some state educational guidelines state that a teacher need only a bachelor’s in education, with an emphasis on a specific subject, before they can teach in the public education system.

University professors must have Ph.D level degrees before obtaining employment unless they are temporary adjunct teachers working on their doctorate. Professors teaching fields such as psychology, biology, philosophy and other research-oriented subjects usually have published academic works in peer-reviewed journals and participated in research studies.

An accredited and reputable online education school offers scheduling flexibility, a variety of payment options and numerous other benefits that can facilitate earning the degree necessary to accessing the teaching career you have always wanted. To find out if the online school in which you are interested is accredited, the Council for Higher Learning Accreditation website provide a comprehensive list of accrediting agencies that honor online learning schools for their ability to provide quality education and legitimate graduate degrees.

Associate Degree in Teaching

A two-year associate’s degree in teaching also provides several career opportunities for people who do not have the resources to spend four to eight years pursuing a graduate degree. Elementary school teacher’s aide, hall monitoring and working as a preschool daycare teacher are all viable jobs requiring an associate’s degree. A few vocational schools may even permit students who have qualifying experience in addition to a two-year teaching degree to work as instructors in non-academic classes such as cosmetology or engine repair.

The Future of the Teaching Profession

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that postsecondary teaching opportunities are projected to increase by nearly 20 percent over the next decade, which is faster than average in comparison to other jobs. Growth in this career is anticipated due to the large number of unemployed or displaced individuals needing to obtain degrees necessary for working in another career field.

Whether you want to learn English as a second language, get your teaching degree or finally earn a Ph.D. in order to teach at the university level, an online education school offers the ability to work around classes, study at your own pace and access instructions and assignments whenever it is convenient for you.

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