Online High School Classes

Online High School Classes

With the creation of online high school classes, people who failed to receive their high school diploma due to personal or health reasons can now obtain the education necessary to be a high school graduate by taking advantage of convenient online classes. The reasons why people drop out of high school are numerous: did not get along with teachers; could not keep up with assignments; did not like the school; had to find employment or felt uncomfortable due to peer pressure or safety issues. Students who dropped out for any of these reasons will not have to experience these problems when obtaining their diploma with the assistance of an online high school (click here to browse schools offering a high school diploma).

online high school student on laptopAccording to the Department of Education, high school dropouts will earn over $250,000 less in their lifetime than people who finish high school and receive a diploma. When compared to college graduates, high school dropouts will make $800,000 less than people with any kind of college degree. Additionally, the earning capacity of college graduates has tripled since 1990, leaving individuals without a high school diploma at the bottom of the wage hierarchy.

It is impossible to further your education without a high school diploma, as not even technical schools will accept students who have not completed high school credit requirements. Many employers now want to see proof of a high school diploma before hiring a potential employee. In addition, some employers expect those with only a high school diploma to enroll in technical classes once an employee has been hired in order to enhance their knowledge of the tasks they were hired to perform.

Older People and High School Diplomas

Years ago it was possible for people to find employment as a blue-collar worker that involved factory positions, construction or the service industry. However, as employers began utilizing computers and other forms of advanced technology in their companies, the need for people possessing specialized knowledge regarding business software and computerized machinery became vital to the successful operation of small and large organizations. As a result, employers began hiring only people with at least a high school diploma and preferably an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

For individuals 40+ years old who neglected to obtain a high school diploma because they did not think it would be necessary, now is the time to enroll in an online high school classes and earn that diploma. As a prerequisite for a multitude of life-enriching opportunities, a high school diploma provides the ability to engage in higher learning possibilities such as vocational training and certification in a specific job field or even a four-year degree leading to a much higher wage potential.

smiling online high school graduateBecause older students seeking a high school diploma do not need to attend class or deal with the issues they once found intolerable in a traditional high school, taking online high school classes will facilitate as well as enhance the experience of earning a diploma. Depending on how many credits a student earned while still in high school, obtaining a high school diploma online may take just a few months or one to two years. Interested individuals will need to get a copy of credits previously earned from high schools they once attended in order to expedite the process of receiving their diploma.

Typically, accredited adult online high schools use the same criteria that a state’s educational department uses when issuing high school diplomas to students who have earned enough credits. For example, if an online school offering high school diploma programs is operating in the state of Ohio, they will use that state’s education requirements as a template for their program.

In some states, students may need to take a test after completing the program before receiving a valid high school diploma. Age requirements determining eligibility for enrollment in an online high school program varies among states as well, with some states allowing students under 18 to participate in an online diploma program while other states require students be at least 18 years old before enrolling.

Coursework and Credits

high school graduation cap and computer mouseStudents must earn a minimum amount of credits before obtaining a high school diploma. Usually ranging between 20 and 25 depending on state regulations, these credits include four credits of English, three or four credits of math, two or three credits of science/biology, two credits of social studies and the remaining credits comprised of electives. Generally, online high school classes referred to as “elective courses” deal with computer literacy, foreign languages, art or introduction to business principles. Online high school English class topics include grammar and spelling, literature and composition. Mathematics courses provide instruction with algebra, geometry and “consumer” math that teaches students how to write checks and balance checkbooks. Science subjects usually involve human biology, astronomy and physics, while social sciences investigate American government and history, world history and current affairs.

Elective courses offered in an online high school diploma program can provide students with the primary skills needed to obtain associate’s degrees or certification in accounting and marketing, computer science, fine arts or business management. Different online high schools offer a variety of electives depending on their state’s Department of Education requirements, ranging from small motor repair to entrepreneurship concepts.

Cost of Attending Online High School

Although federal financial aid is not applicable for students attending online high school classes, the cost of receiving an online high school diploma is generally less than $600 and can be paid in installments at most online schools. In addition, textbook fees are kept at a minimum by participating in book rental programs offered by some schools that allow students to rent textbooks for less than $40. Online high schools also provide an open enrollment process that allows students to enroll at any time of the year as part-time or full-time students.

Once a student successfully completes all assignments and tests comprising online high school classes and fulfills all the requirements as stated by the online high school, a valid high school diploma is mailed to the student printed with the name of the student, the year he or she graduated and the school from which the diploma was issued. This high school diploma can then be presented to employers or higher learning institutions as valid proof that he or she officially graduated from high school.

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