Online Degrees

Online Degrees

Online degrees are a great way to earn a degree, continue education and advanced a career. This section of the website was developed to describe each type of online degree, provide a reference link to a complete description about the degree type and also provide access to a complete list of schools that provide the specific type of online degree.

About Online Degrees

According to the Babson Survey Research Group, an organization recognized for its survey designs, data integrity and valid sampling methodology, online school participation by students aged 18 to 65 is at least ten times higher than the rates attributed to other higher education institutions providing higher degree programs. This survey by Babson also revealed that nearly 35 percent of students attending a brick and mortar college or university take at least one of their classes online, making them part of the over six million people now enrolled in at least one online school class.

online degree student using a laptopWhat was once called “distance learning” is now an integral constituent of the higher educational system established in the U.S. With this many people choosing to earn an online degree from hundreds of reputable and accrediting schools, the perception of online degrees has changed from one of skepticism by employers to one of confidence and approval by the same employers. Accreditation organizations that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education like the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and distinguished regional accrediting agencies have contributed to the extensive improvement of online school degree programs. Even doctorates can now be earned via online schools, something that was unheard of ten years ago.

Students taking online classes will encounter the same expectations, assignments and research demands that are found at traditional colleges and universities. Online schools provide classroom instruction and interaction with class members through webcams, recorded lectures, assignment message boards and chat boards. Depending on the type of program in which a student enrolls, he or she will receive textbooks in the mail or access them online through the school’s website. Students who have never taken classes online will be given free support services as part of their program package in order to learn how to manage time and keep up with assignments.

laptop with online degreeThe majority of online schools offer “open enrollment”, which means students can enroll during any time. Enrollment procedures are kept as simple as possible for undergraduates, who will need to submit documents such as a high school diploma, photo I.D. and an transcripts from previously attending schools upon registering. Financial aid in the form of Pell Grants and Stafford Loans are available through most online schools as well for eligible students. Graduate students wanting to obtain their masters or Ph.D. degree online will need to submit additional documents as stated in their graduate program requirements

Before deciding to enroll in an online school, students should perform a lengthy, in-depth research regarding the variety of of certifications, diplomas and degrees available from hundreds of accredited schools. In addition, students should request information from each school in which they are interested and possibly discuss their goals with an adviser to determine whether a program is right for them. Although earning a high school diploma and a vocational certificate will put you on the path to a stable and financially secure career, the competitiveness of today’s job market almost demands that people continue to pursue advanced degrees in the career of their choice.

Associate’s Degree

Earning an associate’s degree online is an excellent way to jumpstart a career in a variety of employment fields. Especially popular are online A.A. degrees in medical assisting, medical billing and coding, computer design, photography, cosmetology and accounting. An associate’s degree only take two years to complete and can provide students with the skills necessary to begin working upon obtaining this degree. Hundreds of accredited online schools provide a wide variety of A.A. and A. S (associate of science) degrees that not only allow students to quickly gain employment but also the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree if desired. In addition, federal financial aid is available for eligible students seeking online associate’s degrees which helps defray the cost of attending a two-year program.

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Online Associates Degree Programs

Selecting from the vast selection of online associate degree programs may be difficult, however with this article by, you can learn about the different programs for AA and AS degrees.

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Bachelor’s Degree

online business degree student using laptopMany students are now choosing to obtain their bachelor’s degrees online as a way of continuing to work while earning a higher degree. With the expense of attending a university or college for four years often placing students in debt for as much as $50,000, the option to continue working full-time while attending a part-time, bachelor’s program through an accredited online school is becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent USA Today article, nearly four million people are enrolled in at least one online class with the intention of furthering their education and careers. This represents a 45 percent increase from numbers released in 2005.

Requirements for enrolling in an online bachelor’s program include submission of a valid high school diploma and any transcripts from previously attending higher learning institutions. Individuals already possessing associate’s degrees will need to provide proof of this degree as well.

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Master’s Degree

Obtaining a Master of Arts or Master of Science Degree in a variety of disciplines is entirely possible through accredited online schools. Enrolling in online master’s programs allows students the flexibility of advancing their education, wage potential and employment opportunities while also working in their field of study. In addition, some online schools may apply this experiential background towards earning the degree, which can shorten the time it takes to earn a master’s degree. This means that while you are in an entry level position at a clinic, you can have it be applied towards your public health degree. Not only will this help you get through school quickly but it will also give you the opportunity to apply your new found knowledge right in the field. A Public Health degree can virtually be used anywhere you choose to go, so if there is a great job opportunity as an Account Manager for a local hospital, you would be more than qualified.

Enrollment procedures in an online master’s degree program will vary according to the schools requirements. Some online schools may ask that students take entrance exams while others will just need to see several documents, such as the student’s bachelor’s degree, transcripts, mission statement and letters of recommendation. Further, the U.S. Department of Education provides financial assistance for eligible graduate students, such as PLUS Loans and Stafford Loans to help defray tuition costs.

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Doctorate Degree

online degree mouse and booksIn the U.S. a doctorate, or Ph.D., degree is the highest degree obtainable within the educational hierarchy system. Students earning a doctorate have the privilege of using “Dr.” in front of their name regardless of the program completed. For example, someone completing their doctorate program in accounting is qualified to be called “Dr.” just as the student who finishes a Ph.D. course in biology is qualified to be called Dr. Online doctorate degree schools require that students applying for graduate programs possess excellent grades, have several letters of recommendation from different professors and submit a mission statement delineating their goals concerning their field of study. In addition, completion of a doctorate degree necessitates students write a dissertation supporting a thesis statement concerning a research project on which they work while taking an online graduate program. Ph.D. holders generally earn over $100,000 and represent the majority of university instructors and laboratory-based researchers employed in the United States.

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High School Diploma

Many accredited online schools offer high school diploma programs for those who have previously taken some high school classes and earned credits towards their high school diploma. To enroll in a program culminating in a diploma, individuals need to provide the online school with transcripts of their high school education in order to determine how many credits are needed to obtain a high school diploma. If a student cannot obtain a transcript, he or she will have to start at 9th grade level and retake all courses required by their state’s Department of Education before receiving a valid diploma.

Depending on the amount of credits a student still needs to graduate, the length of time required to receive an online high school diploma can vary between three years to only six months. For people who have been out of school for more than ten years, being able to obtain a transcript record is important to facilitating the process of earning an online high school diploma.

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Vocational School Degree

By enrolling in courses culminating in a vocational degree or certification, students learn how to perform a specialized trade in less than two years and are capable of entering the work force upon receipt of the degree. Many students choose to pursue a vocational degree because of its affordability and emphasis on the duties performed in a specific position rather than obtaining a generalized education. While bachelor and master degrees require students take so many credits of liberal arts classes before receiving the degree, trade school diplomas do not. Instead, a certification in a trade such as medical assisting entails studying material expressly pertinent to medical assisting, like medical terminology and reading a patient’s vital signs. Students of this type of online program will not need to enroll in extraneous classes such as introduction to philosophy or art history. Further, earning a vocational degree costs much less than earning other degrees and will not leave students with the amount of debt normally accumulated from taking four or more years of an online school program.

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Speciality Online Degree Programs

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