Online Degree Programs

Online Degree Programs

Learn about the top online degree programs available to students seeking a diploma, certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or doctorate degree. This page provides a summary of each online degree program type and a link to read more about that program. There is also a link to view schools that provide each specific online degree program.

Online Law Degree Programs

law degree pictureStudents interested in pursuing a career in the legal field will find a suitable variety of online law degree programs from which to choose. For those wishing to practice criminal law, courses are available that involve the judicial aspects, criminal investigation process and defense techniques exercised by a criminal attorney. Online law programs dealing with civil law involve the student in the fascinating world of individual rights and its relation to consumer, employment and international law. In addition, properly accredited online law schools are now offering the chance for students to earn their juris doctor through online courses in order to become a professional attorney. Click here to learn more about Online Law School.

Online Medical Degree Programs

medical degree studentDue to an aging population and the implementation of medical advances promoting longevity, the need for workers trained in all facets of the health field is growing at an exponential rate. Thousands of people are choosing to enroll in online medical degree programs that provide certification or degrees in nursing, healthcare administration, pharmacy technician and medical assisting. With the growing demand for medical specialists, employment opportunities in the health field are always plentiful and are expected to rise by as much as 30 percent over the next decade. Further, it is now possible to earn advanced medical degrees such as nursing manager or nurse practitioner through online courses as well. Click here to learn more about Online Medical Schools.

Online Vocational or Trade School Degree Programs

trade school studentSome people would rather enter the work force quickly than attend a university or college for four or more years. This is where an online vocation or trade school program can help these individuals learn a trade in under two years and begin working immediately upon graduation. Vocational courses teach students the “nuts and bolts” of a trade so that they specialize in a certain field and satisfy employer needs. Online trade programs do not demand that students take liberal arts courses as part of a degree requirement but concentrate on the trade instead. Careers in cosmetology, small engine repair, physician’s aide, dental hygiene, graphics design and paralegal are just some of the programs provided by accredited online vocational schools. Click here to learn more about Online Trade School Programs.

Online Information Technology Degrees

Information technology degrees are one of the most popular degrees earned through online schools. IT deals with integrating telecommunications, computers and various electronic devices for the purpose of processing, transmitting, storing and receiving information. Click here to learn more about Online Information Technology Degrees.

Online Medical Billing and Coding Degree Programs

medical billing student with doctorOnline medical billing and coding programs are popular with people who wish to work from home as well as those who would like a career in the medical field but do not have the time and money to spend on a four or six year degree. Medical billing and coding involves coding certain diseases and/or medical conditions affecting patients into numbers that are inputted onto insurance forms which are then submitted to insurance companies for payment. Although medical billing and coding seems complex, an online program providing certification in this field usually takes less than 18 months to complete. Click here to learn more about Medical Billing and Coding Degree Programs.

Online Cosmetology School

Online cosmetology school courses are great for continuing education credits. Since a cosmetology degree requires hand-on experience, the initial degree must be earned at a brick and mortar location. Click here to learn more about Online Cosmetology School.

Online School Counseling Programs

For individuals who already have a bachelors degree in addiction, school and general mental health counseling, online school counseling programs represent a way to obtain their master’s degree in counseling while working full-time in that field. Click here to learn more about Online School Counseling Programs.

Online Nursing Degree Programs

nursing student helping womanBusy licensed practical nurses and registered nurses are increasingly turning to online nursing degree programs to advance their degrees in order to obtain higher positions on the nursing hierarchy and increase their earning potential. While maintaining employment at a hospital or other medical facility, nurses can take part-time classes and apply their experiential knowledge to the BSN degree they are pursuing. With the demand for nurses expected to increase greatly from now until 2020, an online nursing degree program offers nurses the ability to develop their medical knowledge expertise as well as promote their ability to access numerous employment opportunities within their field. Click here to learn more about Online Nursing Schools.

Online Business Degree Programs

online business school classWorking in the world of business, advertising, marketing and corporate systems is exciting, fast-paced and provides students with a wide variety of positions ranging from sales coordinators to bank managers to advertising executives. Most accredited online schools offer many business degree programs such as a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, Associates in Human Resource Management and Master’s in Logistics. For students who do not want to attend school for several years, online business programs also offer certification in areas like Financial Planning, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Click here to learn more about .

Online Photography Degree Programs

photography student taking pictureEarning an online photography degree enables students to pursue careers as freelance photographers, portrait photographers, nature/human interest photographers or as digital photographers involved with website design. Generally, students interested in obtaining a photography degree can earn one is less then four years and have a chance to develop a portfolio while enrolled in online classes. The portfolio is vital to a photographer gaining employment following graduation and represents their best work. Photography instructors working for online schools assist students in assembling these portfolios while teaching them the artistic concepts and technical aspects of photography. Click here to learn more about Online Photography Programs.

Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

criminal justice schoolCriminal justice is one of the most popular online degree programs encompassing a huge assortment of associates, bachelors and masters degrees. Some of the special fields offered by online criminal justice schools include forensic psychology, correctional officer, youth corrections, homeland security and emergency management. Employment positions in the criminal justice field continue to rise and the need for competent and conscientious individuals dedicated to helping society and the people who deviate from its laws is currently in demand. In addition, a few accredited criminal justice online schools are now offering doctorate programs that qualify individuals to work as prison wardens or with the FBI. Click here to learn more about Online Criminal Justice School Programs.

Online Education and Teaching Degree Programs

online education school studentsIn the U.S., students must hold a bachelors or masters degree as well as a post-bachelor’s teaching certificate in order to work as an elementary, middle or high school teacher. Online education and teaching schools provide the qualifications necessary for someone to embark on a rewarding career as a teacher. Students who wish to pursue an instructor position at a college or university much obtain a master’s or Ph.D., degree both of which are also available through online education programs. In addition, courses offering subfields of teaching degrees such as special education teacher or education administration are given by accredited online schools and involve higher degree programs in certain fields of study. Click here to learn more about Online Education and Teaching Degree Programs.

Online Culinary Degree Programs

culinary arts schoolAlthough a highly competitive industry, the culinary arts field and its associated programs are integrated into many online vocational colleges and appeal to those wishing to work as chefs in finer restaurants, resorts, hotels and even on cruise ships. Culinary arts programs taken online generally culminate with students receiving certification, associates or bachelor degrees and involve subjects regarding food preparation, maintaining safety and sanitation standards within the commercial kitchen environment, creating gourmet and ethnic recipes and supervising restaurant staff. Online culinary programs usually require students complete an internship as a cook or chef in order to receive a certification or degree. Click here to learn more about Online Culinary Degree Programs.

Online Pharmacy Degree Programs

online pharmacy school studentHealthcare positions including pharmacy assistant and pharmacy technician going unfilled due to the increasing demand for workers in the medical field. People who wish to pursue a career in healthcare but do not want to spend four or more years in school can take an online pharmacy degree program that provides certification or an associate’s degree in two years. Pharmacy technicians work closely with professional pharmacists and perform tasks such as labeling prescriptions, discussing medication issues with patients and submitting insurance forms. Online pharmacy degree courses will also prepare students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam that enables them to become certified pharmacy technicians. Click here to learn more about Online Pharmacy Degree Programs.

Online Art Degree Programs

art degree student drawingOnline art degree programs are comprised of a variety of subfields constituting the art world that include digital design, interactive media design, oil painting, visual communication and animation. Individuals with art degrees can work as freelancers or with companies involved in advertising, fashion designing or filmmaking. Online art schools provide certifications, associates, bachelors and masters degrees to accommodate students seeking specific positions within the art industry. Programs can take as little as one year, with online graduate art programs lasting four or more years, depending on where a student wishes to obtain employment. For example, art museum directors generally require at least a masters degree while a graphic artists may only need a certification in that field. Click here to learn more about Online Art School Degree Programs.

Online Accounting Degree Programs

accounting degree programThe need for qualified accountants will always exist as long as the economy is based on the current monetary system. Individuals with accounting degrees work for stockholders, financial institutions, tax firms, government agencies and corporations. Because the world is turning more and more into a global economy, accountants who are experienced in all facets of the world of finance will be awarded with the greatest number of job opportunities. Online accounting degree programs offer a comprehensive choice of fields students can eventually enter by enrolling in online courses involving bookkeeping, payroll practices, certified public accounting, managerial accounting and taxation. Click here to learn more about Online Accounting Schools.

Also, click here to learn more about Online Accounting Degrees.

Online Music Degree Programs

music degree studentsAlthough students cannot learn how to play an instrument through an online music degree program, they can enhance their knowledge of music theory by taking advanced courses regarding composition, reading music, music history and ethnic music. Certifications as well as associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees are available through online music school programs that provide instruction with such subfields as video game music design, creating film music, digital music production, music studio management and music instructor. Music degree programs are frequently found in online schools delivering art degrees as well, which gives students a wider choice in the selection of an online music school. Click here to learn more about Online Music Degree Programs.

Online Fashion Degree Programs

fashion degree classFashion designing is a competitive industry based mainly in New York City and Los Angeles, where the most employment opportunities exist for budding fashion designers. Students completing an online fashion degree program that culminates in receiving an associate, bachelor or masters degree in fashion design can work as freelancers, at clothing manufacturing facilities specializing in individualized fashions (celebrity, department store brands, etc.) or in film and play productions. Many fashion designers earning an online degree begin their careers as original costume makers hired by local theaters or independent filmmakers, developing a portfolio that ultimately promotes their chances for furthering their career. Click here to learn more about Online Fashion Degree Programs.

Online Graduate Degree Programs

graduate degree studentThe high expense of tuition necessitates many students work while attending a university. It is frequently difficult for students to juggle a work schedule and a class schedule while taking classes at a brick and mortar college. As a result, online graduate degree programs have been skyrocketing in popularity, with thousands of students now earning their masters and doctorate at an accredited online school. Enrollment in a graduate degree program requires students first obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree as well as having maintained at least a 3.0 GPA while earning their bachelor’s degree. Online graduate degree programs differ in regards to other enrollment requirements but generally expect students to have exhibited a previously excellent academic record. Click here to learn more about Online Graduate School Degree Programs.

Online High School Diploma Programs

online high school studentIn the competitive and educated workforce of today, employers rarely hire anyone who does not have a high school diploma or GED. For people who had to leave high school before accumulating enough credits to graduate, online high school programs represent a convenient and affordable method of obtaining a high school diploma without having to physically attend high school classes. Depending on how many credits a student previously accumulated while in high school, receiving a diploma could take as little as six months. Additionally, high school diplomas are necessary before students can enroll in advanced online classes that culminate in associates and bachelors degrees. Click here to learn more about Online High School Programs.