About OnlineSchool.com

About OnlineSchool.com

OnlineSchool.com is a leading resource for online education that connects students to schools. We have developed this site to help match students to the best school and also help them find out more about different online degree programs, online degree types and the overall approach to attending online school.

Online Schools

We create the Online Schools section that features some of the top online schools in the United States. When visiting this section, you will find a list of online schools with a brief description of the school history, accreditation and online degree programs offered. The site visitor is able to click on each school to learn more about that school and also fill out a contact form to request more information and a call from a school advisor. Click here to view the list of Online Schools.

Online Degrees

There are five main levels of online degrees that student can earn. To better understand the degrees and what it takes to earn each one, we have created a page on Online Degrees that defines each degree type and what a student will be able to accomplish once the degree is earned. There are a variety of degree programs to each online degree type, which is also provided as well. Click here to view the complete list of Online Degrees.

Online Degree Programs

We created the online degree programs section to highlight the most popular programs for all degree levels. The featured online degree programs include law degrees, medical degrees, culinary degrees, art degrees, fashion degrees and more. Click here to learn more about online degree programs.